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Interesting City Point Facts

500,000 Troops and their animals could be supplied
8 Wharves covering eight acres with more than 100,000 square feet of warehouses on the wharves
280 Buildings
22 Miles of rail lines
1 Railroad turntable
24 Locomotives
275 Railroad cars (rolling stock)
10,000 Workers including 3,000 dock workers, many dock workers are freed slaves
1,800 Repair shop workers including carpenters, blacksmiths, saddlers, corral hands, teamsters, laborers and guards
2 to 25 Ships unloaded per day
3,653 Wagons repaired
2,414 Ambulances repaired
19,618 Horses shod
31,628 Mules shod
27,116 Serviceable horses received. 16,344 unserviceable horses received
10,893 Serviceable mules received.  9,684 unserviceable mules received
31,386 Horses issued
18,891 Mules issued
2,500 Head of cattle at City Point  with an equal number elsewhere (some of which were captured by the Confederates in a raid)
15,000 Capacity of  hospital facilities. Seven hospitals in operation
100,000 Loaves of bread baked daily. 
60,000 Horses and mules to be fed daily,  26 pounds each
1 Shortage of forage for the animals.  This was the only major shortage in the operation of City Point
0 Items leaving City Point without General Ingalls approval
24 Hours response time for supplies
40 Days to complete wharves and warehouses from intial order to create a depot by General Grant
1 Explosion caused by sabotage.  43 reported killed and 126 injured.
1 Confederate vessels nearly making an attack on the depot


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