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City Point, Virginia    

The Union Supply Lines Win the War

Interesting Facts About City Point  
City Point: The Whole Story An article by a QM Excellent!  
CSA Map of Richmond to Petersburg U GA  
General Rufus Ingalls greatest achievement was the creation and excellent management of the massive supply depot at City Point, Virginia.

Located at the confluence of the James and Appomattox rivers, City Point was to become the staging ground for the Siege of Petersburg and the eventual surrender at Appomattox Court House.  General Lee simply could not hold out against the larger, better supplied Union army. 

The Union's supplies could be conveniently and efficiently delivered to the front lines.  It would become one of the busiest ports in the world.  Ingalls reported that it could supply a force of half a million soldiers in the field!    

General Ingalls was in charge of the construction and operation of this huge facility.  And it would be done is an amazingly short period of time of about 40 days.  The size and scope of the giant facility can be seen on this table.

General Grant had his headquarters at City Point.  It was a simple two room cabin.

There were seven hospitals at City Point.  The Depot Field Hospital covered almost 200 acres and could accommodate up to 10,000 patients. 

CityPt_Lincoln.jpg (24128 bytes)
General Ingalls Shows Lincoln the City Point Depot

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City_Point.jpg (77349 bytes)

Ships and pier at City Point

city_Point_VA_jul_1864.jpg (99422 bytes)

Supplies and railroad at City Point

Canvas_pontoon_NY_engineers.jpg (109538 bytes)

Canvas pontoon for bridge

NY Engineers

City_Point_after_explosion_August 4, 1864].jpg (96343 bytes)

After the explosion August 1864

city_Point_Wharves.jpg (53170 bytes)

One of the 8 piers with tracks

hosp_at_City_Point.gif (27103 bytes)

Hospital at City Point

Photos are from the Library of Congress.

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