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  New Mexico and the Mexican War

The Army of the West

New Mexico Occupation Descendents of Mexican War Veterans

The Mexican-American War from KERA (PBS)

Report from the New York Herald on the taking of Santa Fe

Map of US Army Movements in the Mexican-American War

The Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War

Topographical Engineers
The Topographical Engineers of the Army were key to the opening of the Western US, especially in the years after the Mexican War.  Here is an excerpt of the diaries of the Topogs  that traveled the same route as the Army of the West.  It is interesting reading and will give some insight into the difficulty of journey.

Ft. Leavenworth to Bent's Fort.

Bent's Fort to Santa Fe.

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As a member of the 1st Dragoons, 1st Lt. Ingalls traveled with the Army of the West from Fort Leavenworth to Santa Fe under the command of Colonel Steven Watts Kearny.  Not a shot was fired to take the New Mexican capital.  

The march from Leavenworth to New Mexico was certainly more treacherous to the Army of the West than the capture of the Nuevo Mexico capital of Santa Fe.  Many of the soldiers died from disease along the march.

Once the territory was in American hands and a civilian government established, General Stephen Watts Kearny and 300 dragoons left for California.  On the trail to California Kearny encountered the famous scout Kit Carson, who informed the General that California was controlled by the U.S. 

Kearny sent 200 of the dragoons back to Santa Fe, talked Carson into returning to California with him and proceeded on. 

It is reported that Rufus was among the first troops to enter California.   However, he was  at the battles of Embudo Pass and Taos with Colonel Sterling Price in early 1847.  These battles were the result of an uprising of the locals that resulted in the death of Governor Bent and some others.

The trail goes a bit cold as to how Rufus got to California, but his arrival was by ship. Possibly, he returned to the east for a well deserved vacation or marched to the coast? 


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